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Nestor in the middle, Luciano back and more: Juan Branda, Crespo's assistant, transfers the São Paulo squad

Nestor in the middle, Luciano back and more: Juan Branda, Crespo’s assistant, transfers the São Paulo squad

a Sao Paulo Last Tuesday night (1) I collected another embarrassment in Brazil Cup. team led by Crispo Can’t beat the 4th of July, da club D . series, which is at a disadvantage in the fencing of the third stage of Brazil Cup.

collectively, Crispo He tried to explain the 3-2 loss and he really designed the game. a Sao Paulo Need to win by two goals, next Tuesday (8), from 19:00 (GMT), in Morumbi: “We lost the first 90 minutes, but there are another 90 minutes to go in at Morumbi. The Fourth of July played a good game. Unfortunately the referee didn’t see the offside in the second goal”Technical argued.

When you turn on the switch, Tricolor has another game of Brazilian Before. Crispo He had flu symptoms and was removed prophylactically. Thus, the last training was led by the assistant Juan Branda.

The list of embezzlement does not stop there Daniel Alves e Benitez (Injured), lesero (in Olympic selection) and Arboleda (In the Ecuadorean national team) is also out. according to “GE.com”, the possible escalation of Sao Paulo she has Luciano Not the owner of the time.

must play: Thiago Volpi, Bruno Alves, Miranda and Leo; Igor Vinicius, Luan, Rodrigo Nestor, Gabriel Sarah and Rinaldo; Luciano (Igor Gomez) and Pablo.

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