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What do you expect from SBT programming next year?  - Prism

What do you expect from SBT programming next year? – Prism

At the moment, it is still not possible to predict all the plans of SBT for the next season to the respected audience. Especially since it all goes straight through Silvio Santos’ head, as it always has, and many decisions will be made during this vacation period.

anything could happen! Including surprises!

But what can you expect from your station’s programming in 2023?

In the field of series, the long-term partnership signed with Amazon Prime Video can be considered successful. Given the dominant paradigm, always out of sight, has already at least ensured the permanence of the genre in its network for years, if only for an unprecedented time.

In football, despite the departure of the Libertadores, SBT held the Champions League and will broadcast Sudamericana.

Regarding linear software, with a few exceptions, this is probably the biggest problem: there is a lack of oxygen.

“Ratinho” and “The Noite”, for example, no longer resonate as much as they once did, and the chefs only seem to be taking up space in the net. They need to become more competitive.

Another thing: SBT, among the big companies, can’t give up a big reality show format, like “BBB” or “Fazenda”.

“Fofocalizando” also needs investments, and for yesterday … It remains to be seen what our hero thinks about all this and what will be the script for his television next year.


The “Domingão com Huck” teams are already working on designing the 2023 season. As specified, the program will be presented as follows: firstShare good stories that show the face of Brazil from an optimistic perspective. secondlyAnd entertain the audience with copious musical shows and performances.

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And thirdlyamuse and leave viewers addicted to electrified games.


The problems faced by CNN Brazil were greater than he could have imagined. Hence the mass dismissal process was put into effect and several other amendments announced by its management. The impression is that the news channel lived on a fictional island until the shock of reality appeared.

It remains to be seen what (more) could happen there. worrying.

curious about that

In the midst of all the chaos, CNN Brasil says it intends to lease a portion of its Open TV programming, with two goals already set.

And as if that weren’t enough, the new leadership, which has some experience in the region, has also been talking behind the scenes that it will invest heavily in the radio stations.

Go up

Chris Gomez, artistic director of “Faustão na Band”, has already set the tone for the next season of the show:

“Next year, we will have a lot of news. New staff, a lot of information and service delivery.”

normal path

Paola Oliveira is known for never running away from challenges in Globo productions. But now, after so many young women in the series, she is expected to come up with a completely different persona.

Who knows a great villain.

different worlds

“Vai na Fé” is coming to Globo and with some of the professionals who have been present in the media because of their trip on the “Pantanal”. The cases of Leticia Sales, Bella Campos, and José Loreto.

But it’s always important to remember that a TV series at seven is one thing, and a series at nine is another, very different, in terms of implications.

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The number of followers of Mil Maya on social media is only increasing.

And look, she hasn’t even appeared in her newest work on TV: the TV series “Vai na Fé.”

what’s up?

They say the influencer Gkay burned the film at Globo. So someone forgot to tell the people of “Domingão com Huck”.

It has already been confirmed at the show’s year-end parties.

Next year

In regards to the “Reis” series being serialized on Record programming, in 2023, season six will be called “A Conquista,” counting as the beginning of David’s reign.

The seventh received the title “Sin”, while the eighth received the title “Consequences”.

Shooting will resume in January.


Gustavo Reiz, author, prepares for his 7pm debut at Globo. “Fawzi” will be released in August 2023, after “Phi Na Vi”.

A bit of the plot: Fozzie’s shop, which specializes in popular items, is a hit. But the land on which it is built has traces hidden for more than 300 years. Such wealth would awaken the greed of many people, especially the socialite Preciosa. In the midst of this treasure race, a great love story emerges.


According to information from his programmes, and with another “BBB”, this type of reality show is the second most watched on TV Globo.

It is clear that he should only lose in serials.


Accused of sexual harassment, Marcius Melhem gave an exclusive interview to Roberto Cabrini, which will be broadcast today on “Domingo Espitacular”, on the Record channel. Cabrini brings new discoveries, after getting to the process, with more than one thousand two hundred pages, which are in secret for justice.

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knock knock

• In parallel with his work in television and cinema, Marcelo Cerrado does not give up his journey in the theater …

• … starring the actor, the comedy “Father from Another World” is confirmed to premiere on January 6 at Teatro das Artes RJ.

• Julia Lemmertz is part of the cast of “Suíte Magnólia”, one of the new series on Canal Brasil, directed by Hamilton Vaz Pereira and Marcelo Traviso …

• … Also in the cast are Valentina Herzage, Betty Faria, Joao Pedro Zappa, Chandeli Praz, Carla Sal, Jorge Somma, Analo Prestes, Saulo Arcoverde, Chris Larrain, Marina Provenzano and Igor Angelcourt.

• In “Todas as Flores”, Opera Global, Mariana Nunes plays Judith, Pablo’s mother, and is played by Caio Castro …

• … an actress who makes the most of every scene and fights great duels with Zoé (Regina Casé).

• Presentation of the “script” of the holiday on social networks, the cast of the series “Reis” is divided between Brazil and the United States.

• … By the way, it is worth highlighting the good ergonomics of these guys in the studios in Rio …

• …a very cohesive staff.

• Deborah Osorio, after “Beyond Illusion”, will bring out “Terra Vermelha”, a novel by Walcyr Carrasco which will replace “Travessia”.