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Vive Flow, novo headset VR da HTC

HTC will bring its new mixed reality glasses to CES 2023

CES 2023 will be held in the first week of January, and the proximity of the big tech show is causing a lot of rumors and leaks to gain steam. One of them is a new launch Earphone of HTC’s Mixed Reality that would directly compete with HTC Meta Quest🇧🇷

The information was confirmed by HTC’s product manager, Shen Ye, to The Verge. The headset will have a compact design and will be extremely lightweight and all-in-one offering augmented and virtual reality in one device.


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HTC’s new headset targets both entertainment and exercise as well as gaming. HTC even promises that it will be useful for productivity purposes. The device is equipped with front and side cameras, a battery that lasts up to two hours, and supports various types of control systems.

By the way, the cameras will be responsible for providing the mixed reality experience. The user, when wearing the device, will be able to see the surroundings thanks to the cameras, and the headset will be able to display additional elements in this real world, thus creating a mixture between reality and the virtual world.

Many details about the future headset are still unknown, but that should last for a while: CES 2023 officially kicks off on January 5th in Las Vegas, US, with more information on this and many other hardware. As usual, the digital look will fetch key information; Watch our website so you don’t miss anything!

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