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Wesley Savadao suffered neurological damage and was nearly paralyzed

Wesley Savadao suffered neurological damage and was nearly paralyzed

after, after He walked away from the stage with back pain and numbness in the legAnd the Wesley Savadao underwent emergency surgery to remove a herniated disc on Thursday.

In an interview with O Globo newspaper, neurosurgeon Francisco Sampaio Jr., the singer’s doctor, said that Savadao’s condition had worsened significantly before the operation.

“Unfortunately, Wesley is an exception. Typically, patients with a herniated disc do not need surgery, as the inflammation is spontaneously absorbed by the body in about 4 to 8 weeks,” he said.

“Nevertheless, on Wednesday evening, he began to complain again of pain in his genitals and a feeling of numbness in his buttocks. Severe symptoms of neurological damage,” the professional explained.

According to Sampaio, the singer was on the verge of developing cauda equina syndrome, a serious illness caused by compression and inflammation of the nerve bundle at the bottom of the spinal canal. The syndrome can lead to paralysis, bowel and urinary incontinence, and even loss of movement.

“He could have used a colostomy tube or bag for the rest of his life. There was nothing else he could do except surgery so quickly. We couldn’t wait and take risks. It was getting worse in an unusual way for a herniated disc,” he said.

The neurosurgeon explained that the artist had anatomical changes that worsened his condition. Safadão is part of the 15% of the world’s population that suffers from transitional vertebrae, which lie between the lumbar region and the sacral region.

In addition to this anatomical difference, the singer has “very short vertebral nerve channels, which expose him to neurological damage and severe disc disease.”

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“If he didn’t have this extra vertebra, and so he didn’t have this narrow congenital canal, he wouldn’t have what he has now,” explained Sampaio, who said the patient’s surgery was “arduous” and “difficult.”

In a statement issued on Thursday, the publicist for Sadaaw said he is fine and is already recovering in his room. All obligations of the singer have been canceled until July 10.