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Actress Nanda Costa announces that she is pregnant with twins - Zoira

Actress Nanda Costa announces that she is pregnant with twins – Zoira

actress Nanda CostaThe 34-year-old announced on her Instagram that, along with percussionist Lan Lanh, 53, she will be the mother of twins. The two spoke in an interview with Fantástico on Sunday (27) where they gave more details about the pregnancy.

The actress, appearing on the air of the reruns of the TV series “Empire”, initially posted the news on her social network. “A closely guarded secret! We are four years old. Two mothers and two daughters,” he wrote.

The news of pregnancy was kept for five months. In an interview with Globo on Sunday, Nanda said she disguised her stomach with clothes so no one would know.

He laughed beside Lan Lan: “I’d wear a baggy uniform, then put a coat over it to hide it. Even the janitor doesn’t know.”

“It’s a great sound. […] That voice came and I said, “Oh, my God, how hard it is to hit the drum, it’s an olodome,” the percussionist said of the moment she heard Twin Hearts during the exam.

“I fell in love. Then the doctor, Dr. Isaac, said ‘No, Olo’Two.'” It’s two,” Lan recalled because the moment it was revealed that they were two girls.
The pregnancy came after three attempts, the couple remember. “We just wanted the donor to be healthy and swinging,” the actress said.

In 2019, Nanda froze eggs after receiving an invitation to audition for the TV series “Amor de Mãe”, a show she considered “impossible”. At the time, the actress assumed the plan was to get pregnant at the time, but she put the initiative on hold and put it back later due to the pandemic.

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“I really want to be a mother. No matter what they say: ‘Be careful, there’s no hair at all’, I want to try breastfeeding and giving birth…so I decided to freeze. My eggs are protected because I don’t know what could happen after this series.” ‘, the actress resides.