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The Brazilian, who spread quickly at Lisbon airport, signs with a businessman

Milo came into the world after a short conversation with RTP radio reporter Ines Subtil

Posted on 09/07/2022 at 1:57 PM Play Bnews . archive Bnews غرفة newsroom

There was nothing else. Pernambuco comedian Abdias Melo, 43, benefited from the sudden fame he gained last weekend, when he went viral when he gave an “honest” interview to Portuguese television amid the air chaos in Europe. Milo came into the world after a short conversation with RTP radio reporter Ines Subtil.

Unaware that this was a live broadcast, he said, unofficially, that he was stinking and had been wearing the same underwear for six days. Abdyas also spoke eschatologically about the work of his intestines. He complained, “I can only defecate at home. I’m stuck, without defecation.”

The reporter ended the interview embarrassed and thanked her for participating. “It’s a pretty harsh picture of this passenger’s situation, but it’s an extended narrative,” he said. Off-camera, she scolded Milo – and assured her that they later became friends. The comedian attributes much of the unsettling candor in his interview to the anger he felt at the airline when a journalist approached him. “I told the truth, I hated the company.”

Melo was already successful on social media with humorous videos that were watched by nearly two million followers on Instagram and TikTok even before it went viral in Portuguese territory. He will also direct another comedian, Ni Do Badoque, Target of Network Trolls, which found success in the United States after an American comedy show aired pranks on television.
The comedian was finally able to return to Brazil on Sunday (3), and the next day he began receiving job offers. That’s when he decided to sign a contract with a businessman, so that he could manage his career. “My dream is to make a comedy,” says the actor, who three months ago added a sharp accent to his name, at the suggestion of the numerologist. Celebrates “You succeeded”.