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Who is Rita Batista, presenter of the new programs for É de Casa, from Globo

Who is Rita Batista, presenter of the new programs for É de Casa, from Globo

Rita Batista is one of the new faces of TV Globo’s team of presenters. The 43-year-old journalist was born in Salvador and arrives on Saturday from the leading broadcaster in terms of audience, bringing years of experience in radio and television in Bahia, having passed through subsidiaries of Band and SBT.

For the first time, Rita today with the name One of the new presenters at “É de Casa”, to join Talitha Morett and Thiago Oliveira in the team led by Maria Beltrau. The presentation lineup comes after two years of work on Globo’s morning entertainment report “Mais Você”, “Encontro” and the Saturday program itself.

The journalist celebrates the formation of the most diverse teams on Brazilian television, but explains that inclusion, in her eyes, is a necessary and “not a service”.

“TV Globo is very much in line with the cause of diversity. The world demands it from all companies. Inclusion is not a service, it is important, it is necessary, there is nowhere to run,” he said. “If we’re going to move forward as a community, we need teams that are increasingly diverse, and that includes racial diversity, sexual orientation and people with disabilities. And our teams take this into account.”

A few weeks before the premiere of the new “É de Casa,” Rita attended a session in the United States to discuss diversity and the space for black voices in the press. In her study, she notes that Brazil is at an advanced stage of looking at diversity compared to other countries that are considered advanced.

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“I was invited by the US government, on a team of 12 journalists, and we spent two weeks traveling around the country,” she says. “And the He was very rich, because we often think that we are late in the speech, but in fact the opposite. We visited the stations, we were with the National Association of Black Journalists, and we seemed to be talking about Brazil, because we were discussing the same issues and the same struggles.”

Personal and professional life

Throughout his career, he has mainly worked in reporting and presenting local television news. He also had stints on the shows “A Liga” and “Much +” by Band, and wrote articles for “Saia Justa” on the GNT pay channel.

For her, the new challenge brings a change in perspective on the separation between personal and professional life, particularly in her social networks. However, the presenter has no intention of not letting this change too much in the way she actually communicates with her followers on the platforms.

“On some radio and TV spots we’ll have more visibility, and people will want to know beyond our professional presentation. But I’m doing very well, and I think I’ve already had a meta performance in the network.” Day after day, part of the job. Everyone decides how much they want to show,” says Rita Batista, in an interview with splash.

The new presenter dominating Saturday mornings at Globo considers joining the entertainment team a huge victory.

“This moment is the icing on the cake, I’ve worked for it. I moved to Sao Paulo in December 2020, and the offer from the start was to be a reporter for the morning shows. I did. So when I was invited to ‘É de Casa’ came, I accepted right away.”

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She claims that getting off the streets and spending Saturday mornings in the studio, contrary to what some around her imagine, doesn’t necessarily mean Raising the level of or rest.

“It seems so, doesn’t it?” , says the journalist jokingly, in an interview with splash. “First, it’s not like that. Second, we won’t be satisfied with just that, working once a week. It’s a special moment because it’s tough, to be in another position, with a greater vision for both the audience and the leadership.”

Thiago Oliveira, Maria Beltrau, Rita Batista and Talitha Moret are the presenters of “É de Casa”

Photo: Kelly Fozaro/TV Globo

“Let’s not talk about tragedies, we laugh”

Given that É de Casa blends information and entertainment, one of the presenters’ jobs is to know how to balance relaxing moments and more serious topics with the subtlety that each one of them requires. For Rita, responsibility for the most sensitive matters involves two main points: journalistic ethics and tone of approach.

“We will not talk about tragedies while laughing. The secret is to lower the tone. And the audience is smart. If we are talking in the other mass, for example, about ‘Bicholândia’, when we are talking about something more serious, the tone of the conversation will change, and the audience will follow this transition. Balance He is our best guide. We want lightness, but we also won’t ignore the serious issues we need to talk about.”