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"We'll Miss You" - Metro World News Brasil

“We’ll Miss You” – Metro World News Brasil

Anna Maria Braga Reveal to my viewersMore than youThis Thursday (28) it Gilles de Vigor He will leave the country. He will spend a season in United State Thus, you will not be involved in the morning in person.

Jill presents the painting “Tá Lascado” every week. Today, arriving at the studio, he had an unusual conversation that was a hook for the blonde to tell the audience the news.

Ana Maria showed a behind-the-scenes video of TV Globo, in which the economist and ex-BBB had a “conversation” with Paçoca, one of the presenter’s pets. “When you get here, you usually talk to a lot of people, because you are a very conversational and forward-looking person. But today, while he was getting ready in the dressing room, look what he was talking about.”

Gilles de Vigor appeared in the recording “Barking” with the Dog. “Paçoca should tell you to stay here and get to know her longer. You must have also said that her mother will miss you a lot here, but you will be very successful there,” said Ana Maria.

“I’m here in December so we can continue to be strong,” insisted the former BBB, who will spend a few months in California to finish his Ph.D. in economics.

The phrase “broken” continues

With the reveal, the blonde made it clear that Gilles’ painting in “Mais Você”, even in remote places, will be preserved, but in a hypothetical way.

“We will miss you. But it is worth noting that even if he leaves Brazil, he will continue to have breakfast with us via live broadcast. He drinks coffee there and we drink it here. The film ‘Tá Lascado’ continues, with us ‘cancelling’ a lot of themes ”, asserts Ana Maria .

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