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Lívia Andrade takes off her bikini top and showers with a hose: "Refreshments"

Lívia Andrade takes off her bikini top and showers with a hose: “Refreshments”

Summer in gringa! Livia Andrade Netizens left their mouths open on Wednesday (27) as he enjoyed a sunny day during his trip to the United States, where he is enjoying his vacation. Taking advantage of the heat there, the presenter decided to shock the Instagram audience.

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At the time, Livia cared a lot about excitement as she refreshed herself by showering with a hose, but whoever thinks she stopped there is wrong! To shock the crowd even more, the presenter decided to go topless in a bikini and gave her something to talk about!

One follower responded in the comments to the post with “Perfect as usual.” “This picture was sloppy in the face of society,” another netizen joked, praising the inspiring beauty. “This woman is a true goddess,” another fired, drooling over the blonde. Click Check:

Livia Andrade says she has considered giving up her TV career

Returned to the screens? Recently, in an interview with Quem, Lívia Andrade opened up about her television career and talked about the experiences she had after being fired from SBT. The muse revealed that she even thought about giving up being a broadcaster.

“I thought about quitting TV, I didn’t feel comfortable with the proposals I was getting. But I concluded that I could do what I liked, if it was the job that made me happy, the mix of people, tribes and tunes, then we would have to learn to try these different things, at the end of the party -Let’s say the blonde.

It is noteworthy that, according to journalist Flávio Ricco, from the R7 portal, the presenter’s negotiations with Band are still uncertain. According to the columnist, the station and Lívia had not yet reached an agreement on the premiere of “Música Mix” and the attraction was canceled before it even aired.

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