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Warning!  Old WhatsApp versions may contain serious vulnerabilities

Warning! Old WhatsApp versions may contain serious vulnerabilities

Periodically, the operating systems will not be updated, allowing to renew the features in mobile phones. From the moment iOS or Android stops receiving a file Latest updatesyou are prohibited from using the latest versions of many applications.

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In this way, the device becomes partially outdated, and fails to respond to certain commands.

Security Notices

All major social networks issue notes regarding security conditions, to alert the public. On September 23 this year, WhatsApp issued a statement stating that if the app is not updated, the chances of cyber attacks increase. Therefore, always be aware of the guidelines of those responsible for data engineering for technology companies.

Protective barriers must evolve

It’s not just the appearance of the platform that is constantly improving, this evolution also happens in enhanced privacy. Either in debugging coding factors or in processing information that generates activities. In this case, the more code development fails, the greater the chances of hackers to act according to their goals.

National Vulnerability Database

Identifying scams has become a public obligation, as digital citizenship must ensure the dignity of all. The CVE-2022-36934 bug has been logged in the National Vulnerabilities Database, a logging tool that enhances the fight against cyber terrorism.

Another defect, registered as CVE-2022-27492, represents a more serious risk, achieving a score of 7.8 out of 10. The registrations help reduce Online criminal procedure or linked to any digital medium.

This time even iOS didn’t deliver, so check out which versions present the biggest risks for users:

  • The WhatsApp For Android older than version
  • WhatsApp Business for Android is older than version
  • WhatsApp for iOS is older than v2.22.16.12.
  • WhatsApp Business for iOS before version
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