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Warner Bros.  Preparing new “Harry Potter” games for fans

Warner Bros. Preparing new “Harry Potter” games for fans

'magical universe'Harry PotterIt has crossed the pages of books and movie screens, spread to games and become an overwhelming passion among fans.

It's not just a story, it's a world that has captured hearts and minds, fueling an addiction that goes beyond printed pages and cinematic scenes.

This phenomenon was led by Warner Bros. “Hogwarts Legacy” launches in 2023, a game that has since sold an astonishing 22 million copies.

In an interview with David Haddad, President of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment It was clear that the success of “Hogwarts Legacy” inspired a new wave of content creation.

Haddad stated that the company is committed to providing innovative experiences to audiences, and the positive response from the public has strengthened its determination to expand the world of Harry Potter further through various means.

New games may be in development

“Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone” – Image: Warner/Reproduction

Rumors about A Game Quidditch, a popular sport played in the Wizarding World, went into circulation in April 2023. In part of the interview, Haddad commented on the project:

“We are committed to development [o jogo de Quadribol] In a way that surprises and delights the fans, but we still do not have details about its arrival in the markets.

The promise of surprising fans suggests that Quidditch can offer a unique experience, immersing players in the emotions and competitions of this magical sport.

In addition to the new title, there is growing anticipation for an ongoing series of releases from Warner Bros. In the world of Harry Potter.

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Fans can expect a deeper immersion into this massive and beloved universe by gaining a variety of experiences that go beyond the confines of the main narrative.

As new chapters of this magical, thrilling story emerge, fans look forward to future adventures, both on and off the pages and screens that started it all.