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Cruzeiro will try to sign the end of the contract with Adidas “in an amicable way”

Cruzeiro will try to sign the end of the contract with Adidas “in an amicable way”

Dissatisfied with the attitudes of the sports materials supplier, Cruzeiro had already informed Adidas of his intention to break the bond; The contract provides for a fine

New 2023 Cruzeiro jersey leaks ahead of sporting goods supplier’s store | photo: Twitter/Playback

The relationship between Cruzeiro and Adidas could end early: the club has not officially confirmed this, but it was already going to inform the supplier of sports materials of its intention to terminate the contract, which is initially valid until 2025.

The goal of Ronaldo’s administration will be to end the League at the end of this season in a “friendly way”. However, in the contract there is a clause stipulating a fine in the event of a breach by some of the parties. The amounts were not disclosed.

Cruzeiro’s relationship with Adidas has been subject to wear and tear since last year, including failures in material distribution, and photo “leaks” of new models, among other things.

However, the maximum point of friction occurred last Friday (17), when the company used the term “mayor de minas” on its official website to refer to the launch of the shirt of its arch-rival Atlético.

And after the negative repercussions, via a note, Adidas apologized to Cruzeiro fans, but the situation did not “swallow” Ronaldo’s management.

Cruzeiro chief executive Gabriel Lima said the club would take “strict” measures. “I am very sorry. We will take a very firm stand on this. They are showing a deep lack of knowledge of what they are doing, disrespect for us and Cruzeiro fans. Appropriate.

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Oh Tempo Sports He attempted to contact Adidas’ press office to hear the company’s position, but received no response.

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