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Trajano: The tour was as expected, but Palmeiras's result was misleading - 04/28/2021

Trajano: The tour was as expected, but Palmeiras’s result was misleading – 04/28/2021

Five Brazilian clubs entered the field for the second round of the Champions League group stage Libertadores This Tuesday, with a crush Flamingo with 4 to 1 or Unión La Calera, Act International in 4-0 against Deportivo Tachira Its doing Palmeiras who made it 5-0 against Independiente del ValleAtletico MG defeated America de Cali 2-1 and Santos, the only away player, lost to Boca Juniors In Argentina, a ratio of 2 to 0.

No The end of the chat, Live from Sports – With journalists Vinicius Mesquita, Jose Trajan, Alicia Klein and Renato Mauricio Prado – Brazilian national team victories and Defeat Santos They are analyzed, and Trajanu sees all the results as she predicted the fragility of Flamengo and Inter’s opponents. Palm trees Was misleading.

“ Everything happened as planned, including the defeat of Santos, who went to Argentina without a coach, the whole team was dismantled, and Atlético MG It is a team that has not confirmed itself yet, it is a team that we very much doubt despite having spent a fortune. The other games, from Internacional, which he crushed, Flamengo who thrashed, Palmeiras who thrashed, were somewhat predictable due to weak opponents, “Trajan says.

Now, this Palmeiras game has a very strange property, and the result is misleading, yeah. It’s one of those things from footballGreater possession of the ball, more shots on goal, the goalkeeper who made the most defenses was the goalkeeper Palmeiras, Wiverton, and Palmeiras much more efficient, that ball went off quickly, and the first three goals of Al Meraas came from blatant failures. From the opposing team’s defense, the other two goals did not happen, then Palmeiras had the opportunity to expand, and in the end he threw a deep ball, behind the defense, head-on, Willian Peagode lost one goal and Wesley lost another. “, Complete.

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The journalist claims that Flamengo came to put himself in danger early in the second half, when he had already won 2-0 and struggled with a goal by the Chilean national team, but he managed to recover in time, while Palmeiras failed in the opposing defense. To open a feature on the scoreboard.

“This was what we expected, a tour in which Flamengo in Maracana had a moment in which everything was very easy and at the beginning of the second half he increased the density of the broth, but after a short time he recovered and won easily, Palmeiras started this defeat, Internacional crushed us and we already expected Santos to break his face in Bombonera against Boca, Atletico MG is what we know, with Cocaineha being on the edge of the stadium I think he won’t go far, ”says Trajanu.

“Palmeiras in this match is very curious, those first three goals, you’ll say they hit. No, they didn’t, they were defects in defense with that wrong pass. Anyway it was cool, we’d like to see a goal, we had good moments in the match. Flamengo, Flamengo’s first goal is a board, this Arrascaeta plays a lot. Palmeiras also plays with Rooney, the player who plays in the front and it is not easy to keep, so everything went as we expected and it is nice to see many goalscoring matches, with many nuances and these The teams that oppose the Brazilians are very bad. They are very weak. They are training to follow the Libertadores, “he concludes.

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