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Vettineo gains mass, sets a speed record, captures Flamengo at a good start to the season |  Flamingo

Vettineo gains mass, sets a speed record, captures Flamengo at a good start to the season | Flamingo

Vitinho will narrowly start the match against Union La Calera, this Tuesday, with the Libertadores. But the chance that a Flamengo fan would see him on the field at some point is great: he criticized the striker at other times, and cemented himself as the team’s twelfth player in 2021, thanks to a good start to the season with important goals and physical development.

The Flamengo staff were highly praised for his dedication to the activities, and Vitinho also began to take more interest in the physical part. This season, he broke the record for his speed: reaching 34.5 km / h. In April alone, he gained 700 grams of muscle mass. At the club’s direction, he was taking supplements at home. It is the new sponsorship phase that started in 2019.

In the pre-season 2019, we assessed together that it is necessary to slightly reduce the percentage of fat. Athletic, highly conscious, understandable, and we started a business involving controlled nutrition, rehydration and nutritional supplementation. In the same year, he managed to drop a little over 3% and keep the index, the same even today, and Vitinho was feeling good about playing. Douglas Oliveira, Flamingo Nutritionist, said it always has one of the best percentages for fat and muscle mass.

Vettineo celebrates Flamengo’s goal against Volta Redonda – Photo: Andre Durao

With Rogério Ceni, Vitinho is the most used reserve since the coach took charge: he entered the match 18 times from the bench. The striker is, along with Everton Ribeiro, the fourth most played player in the Ceni era: 26 games, behind only Arasquita, Bruno Henrique and Gerson.

– Vitinho is a very dedicated athlete. They tell me that before we got to Flamingo, I was able to check with my own eyes afterwards. He fulfills everything we ask for, whether in the gym or on the field, maintaining a high standard of work and setting an example of behavior and discipline. Physical trainer Danilo Augusto said he likes to pull heaters next to Aaron. You rarely see it in the medical department.

– All post workout and game Vitinho views his GPS data. Contact me on WhatsApp to request information. It does not matter how long you will stay in the field or the intensity of the work. He watches everything and wants to know what you can do better. Against Velez, for example, he played five minutes and did not change anything. The match is over and he asks me for data – complete Roberto Oliveira, who is also a physical coach for Flamengo.

Vettineo Numbers for Flamengo:

  • 141 games
  • 19 goals;
  • 16 assists
  • The sixth player in the current squad with the most matches for Flamengo (141);
  • The eighth player in the current squad with the most goals for Flamengo (19).

– I was happy to score another goal and win the cup. All tournaments are important, we must always strive for victory so that Flamingo is always the hero. We have a tough game for Libertadores so coming out of a win is always a good thing – celebrate the player after the match.

Against La Calera, Vitinho tends to start the match on the bench. Arasquita and Everton Ribeiro, who were held off against Volta Redonda, will be available for Rogerio Ceni for the match.

Flamengo and Onion La Calera face each other at 19:15 (from Brasilia) this Tuesday, in Maracana. The match is valid for the second round of Group G of Libertadores.