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The secretary says that with twice-weekly delivery, the trend is for there to be no shortage of doses

The secretary says that with twice-weekly delivery, the trend is for there to be no shortage of doses

like Ministry of Health Make delivery of two doses of Covid-19 VaccinesThe trend is that there is no shortage of additional doses to apply, according to the volume’s executive secretary, Rodrigo Cruz. According to him, more than 40 million doses were delivered in July.

“When the vaccine arrives, there is a flow that must be met to release it. The doses don’t stop, and because we have the release, these vaccines are shipped. Between Tuesday and Wednesday, we were delivered and today we have another,” he said.

According to Cruz, there should be two deliveries per week on Mondays and Thursdays “so that there is regularity in receiving vaccinations.” “This is the ministry’s effort for us to be able to meet the needs of the capitals,” he said.

Mask removal and testing plan

For the secretary, the moment calls for maintaining non-pharmacological measures in the face of delta-variable situations. A study is underway in the Ministry of Health to verify the possibility of removing these procedures, and according to Cruz, some variables were observed so that the removal of masks could be approved. Even in the face of higher portability, the city Rio de Janeiro has announced that it should withdraw the mandatory use of masks in November.

“President [Jair Bolsonaro] I asked the Ministry of Health to study to verify that [retirada de máscaras] This will be possible, and the Ministry conducts studies and monitors international experiences. Some variables need to be taken into account in order to be able to suggest this, such as the number of confirmed cases and the number of hospitalizations. And the Ministry of Health’s recommendation to continue non-pharmacological measures.”

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Upon taking office, the Minister of Health, Marcelo Quiroga, promised to implement a mass testing scheme. According to Cruz, this plan is already ready and will have a partner Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Vuecruz).

The expectation of the volume is that the tests will be carried out, in fact, in the first half of August. “In August, we implemented this testing strategy. The testing is just as important as guiding the population on what to do after the test result. We are dependent on Fiocruz’s production capacity, but we must [implementar] In the first half of August, ”said the minister. According to him, there will be an active search for 10-12 million people for testing.