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Pete asks: “If Gabigol wears another number, can he wear a Corinthians shirt?”

Pete asks: “If Gabigol wears another number, can he wear a Corinthians shirt?”

Gabigol was punished by Flamengo This Friday (17) after A controversial leaked photo of him wearing the shirt to CorinthAnd losing the right to wear the number 10 shirt for the club.

He is also a red and black idol with a distinctive pass who wears the number 10 shirt. Dejan Petkovic He wondered whether the attacker had been punished just because of the number he was wearing.

“Javia’s No. 10 shirt has become a matter of controversy again. I will not express my opinion on the situation of a player wearing another team’s shirt at home. But I would like to understand the punishment. The board meets with Gabigol And he punishes him by deciding to take off his No. 10 shirt. What message does this convey to us?” he said in a video clip posted on social media.

“Does this mean that a player who does not wear the number 10 shirt can do what Gabigol did? Another number can do it, but 10 cannot? Is this the message or is there another explanation? For now, I can do it.” He added: “I don’t understand it, but I would like to know what it means. If Gabigol wears 8, 7, 107, 43, can he wear a Corinthians shirt?”

according to FlamingoGabriel will no longer wear the number 10 shirt in competitions where there will likely be changes to the numbers. in Conmebol LibertadoresFor example, the attacker will not be able to receive another number.

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Understanding the controversy surrounding Gabigol

The controversial recording, recorded on Thursday (16), at the attacker’s home, in Barra da Tijuca, in the western region of Rio de Janeiro, shows Gabi sitting at a table, with bottles of alcoholic beverages in the room, in the company of other people.

According to the espnAmong those present were other Flamengo employees: Márcio Santos, known as Marcinho, supervisor, in black shirt, as well as Sidney Bernardes, wardrobe manager, in grey.

Gabigol, in turn, wears the new Corinthians II uniform, which adopts the all-black style, that is, with shields and sponsorships in the same color as the black shirt. It was even recently used by Timão in his commitment to Brasileirao.

It also defines it espn Through behind-the-scenes information, the attacker assured people close to him that he had not taken any steps to leak the photo.

Now Gabriel will focus his efforts on finding out who tried to harm him.

People at the scene act on the information that the photo was taken by a band member present, who was positioned at the location where the photo was taken, or by a hired service provider. This photo was going to be sent to friends in group messages.

In a short statement he sent to reportersThe athlete’s press office stated that “the photo is not real”, and that the number 10 was taking advantage of the free moment to celebrate Flamengo’s victory alongside other people from the club.

“Gabriel was at home, taking a break and celebrating the victory in the Libertadores. He was with friends and Flamengo members who are also his friends. The picture is unreal.”

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See the official note issued by Flamengo:

Regatas do Flamengo Club announces that after a meeting with Vice President of Football, Marcos Braz, and other directors, athlete Gabriel Barbosa has been fined and informed by the manager that he will no longer wear the red shirt. Black shirt number 10 in possible competitions to change the number.

Flamengo next matches: