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Find out what has evolved in SUVs and which version is more worthwhile

Find out what has evolved in SUVs and which version is more worthwhile

These changes were more than what consumers asked for. “These customer pains because the car contains a lot of plastic is very frequent. That’s when we said let’s see if we now have this opportunity, of course within the dimensions of the car that undergoes slight changes, slight changes, but we wanted it,” explains Thelma Blasquez, Color Director. And Finishes in Latin America: “Bring representation in this matter by expanding the tactile sensation using soft elements in some customer contact areas.”

The important point here is ergonomics, an issue that is usually well addressed by German manufacturers. It’s not difficult to find a good driving position, as there is a steering column that is adjustable in height and depth. The seats also feature ample height adjustments and also a lift to enhance lumbar support for the driver. Visibility is almost unobstructed, as the rear pillars are wide and hinder maneuvers and turns.

The length has become a little longer. If its length was previously 4.19 metres, the length of the renewed T-Cross has increased by two centimeters and reached 4.21 metres, an increase attributed to the new bumpers. Speaking of which, a redesign of the rear end allowed the departure angle to be increased by one degree. The width is 1.76 m (without mirrors it becomes 1.97 m) and the height is 1.57 m.

With a wheelbase of 2.65 metres, the T-Cross accommodates passengers up to 1.84 meters (in my case) well in the back seat. Since the rear seats and backrests are also contoured, the fifth central passenger may not feel as privileged, but that’s a logic that applies to most cars.

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It is always important that the luggage compartment holds 373 liters with the rear backrest in the normal position, but it can be adjusted to suit the load, which deprives the rear passengers of comfort, but increases the capacity to 420 liters.

There are still points that could have been changed. One of them is the multimedia center itself. At 10 inches, the VW Play impresses with its speed and looks, but it has buttons. Accessing many functions is more complicated due to the lack of physical controls. Likewise, there’s no electronic parking brake. Furthermore, the front electric windows are one-touch operated, which should be the case for all four.