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Classic X-Men animation will win new Marvel Studios-branded episodes

Classic X-Men animation will win new Marvel Studios-branded episodes

The first big news from Marvel at Disney + Day had nothing to do with its cinematic universe, but it was a gentle nostalgia for older fans. The classic X-Men series will get new episodes more than 24 years later.

baptized from Marvel Studios X-Men 97Animation has been treated as a revival of the hit animation of the ’90s that positioned Mutants as the top publisher names for a decade. All-new episodes will be released in 2023 on Disney+.

In the very short teaser that Disney showed on its streaming platform, we see that the entire original set is practically in place. In addition to Wolverine, Jean Gray, Cyclops, and Storm, we still see Rogue, Gambit, Beast, and Jubilee – all with looks used in the design and inspired by the lines Jim Lee used in the comics at the time. Additionally, TheWrap claims that a lot of the original voice actors will be returning – at least in the US – and will include the voices of Nocturne and villain Mr. Sinister.

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The characters are back with the same aesthetic they did over 20 years ago (Image: Reproduction/Disney+)

Page claims that some of these names will reprise their roles from two decades ago, while others are expected to take on new characters.

This initiative to revitalize the design after a long period can be seen in two ways. The first is that there is already a wave of nostalgia based on productions that has marked the childhood of today’s audience not only of adults but also much consumed on the basis of nostalgia. DC has already invested in these revivals with Batman 66, inspired by the old TV series, and recently made similar initiatives with Superman and Wonder Woman, as well as the Batman version of Michael Keaton.

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In the case of Marvel, this remains unheard – leaving room to speculate about Marvel Studios’ interest in these characters. We know mutants are right back in the studio and the return of the animated classic could be a preparation for the group’s debut on the big screen, capturing the attention of those who already loved the characters while introducing them to a new generation.

Obviously, nothing was said about this during Disney+ Day, but the insistence on associating the classic design with the Marvel Studios brand is questionable and could be good evidence of Kevin Feige’s plans and those of the company. However, we will have to wait until 2023 to find out.

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