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US Secretary of State to visit Israel tomorrow

US Secretary of State to visit Israel tomorrow

Blinken will remain in the Middle East until October 13 (Photo: Mark Makela/AFP)

Department of State America The Secretary of State announced

American, Anthony Blinkenwill travel up to Israel And tomorrow to Jordan. forecast

He will stay in the Middle East till October 13.

eye blinking He will meet senior Israeli military officials and the visit will further strengthen

America affirms support and commitment to Israel and its defense

Washington says the country has the right to defend itself against Hamas attacks.

White House National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan added

20 Americans are missing IsraelAnd 14 have already been confirmed

Died after being attacked by an Islamic group. However, Sullivan did not confirm

Some of the missing were taken hostage by Hamas, but said they remained

Among these hostages were Americans.

As for Iran’s involvement in the attack, Sullivan explained that it was unlikely

make direct connections, but accused the Iranian government of being “complicit in a big way.”

Size due to supporting history Hamas”.

President of America, Joe Bidenwho issued a statement today, reinforcing support

of America The Israel He also emphasized that the priority was to get rid of the American hostages

from the country. “At this point we must be very clear: We stand with Israel. And

Let’s make sure they can take care of all their citizens and defend themselves

of this attack. American citizens are being held hostage HamasThat’s it

Rescue efforts are already underway,” he announced.

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