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US and EU Announce 1st Agreement on Artificial Intelligence

US and EU Announce 1st Agreement on Artificial Intelligence

The goal of the partnership is to expand the use of AI in agriculture, healthcare, emergency response, weather and the power grid.

The US and the European Commission on Friday (Jan 27, 2023) announced an agreement to improve and expand the use of artificial intelligence in agriculture, healthcare, emergency response, weather forecasting and the power grid.

This collaborative effort will drive responsible advances in AI to address key global challenges with a model of co-development and integrated research to deliver benefits to our communities.US Defense Adviser Jack Sullivan said in a statement. Here it is Full (56 KB) of the document.

AI modeling is made up of machine learning algorithms that use data to make logical decisions. The initiative will provide governments with access to comprehensive and highly scalable artificial intelligence models to improve the speed and efficiency of government operations and services.

Together, we hope that the results of our research will expand beyond our partnership to benefit other international partners and the global scientific community.”, concluded Sullivan.

Earlier, a top US government official said Reuters This is the 1st multi-sectoral agreement between the countries. Earlier partnerships were limited to specific areas such as defence.

He explained that joint models will be developed but maintain data security. “US data is in the US and there is European data, but we can build a model that speaks to both European and US data, because the more data and the more diverse, the better the model.“, he spoke.