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Fabio Faria says we have good relations with China and America

Fabio Faria says we have good relations with China and America

The minister said the 5G auction was designed so that countries would not undercut Brazil

Communications Minister Fabio Faria, this Wednesday (13.July.2022) Brazil “It’s good” With China and the US on how 5G is developed.

“It’s no use buying a fight we can’t win”, He made the announcement at an event held at the ministry’s headquarters in Brasilia.

Faria said control of the technology did not give any country an advantage. According to him, if the government does so, the STF (Federal Supreme Court) can issue an injunction (temporary decision) to stay the auction. The end result is a population without new technology.

The minister cited that 12 countries have opted to ban Chinese companies from their 5G bids, resulting in economic issues with the Asian nation, suspension of purchases of agricultural products, etc.

Minister Paulo Guedes (Economy) said critics of the Brazilian auction system did not understand the new government regulatory model. He said the bids would favor investments made by the winners of the contests and not federal revenue.

The event was attended by Minister Ciro Nogueira (Casa Civil), Caixa President Daniela Marquez and Senator Flavio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ).

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