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Urgent announcement from ITAO to account holders

Urgent announcement from ITAO to account holders

This time, Itao made an important list for clients to prevent them from losing money; understands!

In a statement he issued to public opinion Itau Provide 4 critical warnings to users. The current account, which serves most people, was the main subject of the memorandum.

The bank is among the major financial institutions in the country. There are already nearly 100 million customers and billions of riyals are transacted every year. With so many people to serve, the financial company needed to come up with a plan to protect users.

Because of technology, you have to be very careful, especially on cell phones. Unfortunately, the number of scams has increased more and more. Understand how virtual crimes happened!

Banco Itaú has listed some precautions customers should take (Image: Disclosure)

1. Fraud during online payments

Criminals make you link to fake websites or store pages that look very similar to official pages. You access it, and without realizing it when you make the payment, you'll end up passing on your data.

2. WhatsApp scam can happen in two ways

In the first case, the fraudster calls, pretending to be an employee of a bank or other organization, and during the call he persuades you to enter the code that is sent via SMS.

Banco Itao (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

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This way, your WhatsApp account gets activated on his device and starts asking his contacts for money. As for the second method, the fraudster creates a WhatsApp account in your name, using photos and data he obtained from the Internet.

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3. Data theft

Fraudsters pretend to be from the bank and send links in emails, SMS, WhatsApp or in your social media inbox, asking you to click to resolve false violations in your existing account, card or in any purchase.

4. Social media scams

To attract victims, criminals create fake profiles on social networks, in the name of large companies, such as banking companies, credit card companies, financial institutions, etc.

Itaú already has nearly 100 million customers in Brazil (Image: Disclosure)

How to open an account with eTao?

To become a customer of the bank and order cards, you must bring your identity documents and proof of residence to one of the nearest branches. In total, there are more than 4,300 service points in Brazil and abroad.

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