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Unlimited Google Photos Backup ends tomorrow;  See alternatives - 05/31/2021

Unlimited Google Photos Backup ends tomorrow; See alternatives – 05/31/2021

Today came. Starting Tuesday (1), Google Photos will have no choice Unlimited storage Free. right Now The Google It will only provide 15 GB of free backup space, split between Google Photos, Google Drive and Google Drive files. Gmail.

People who need more storage will have to pay a subscription fee Google One: From R $ 6.99 a month or R $ 69.99 a year (per 100 GB of storage).

The most expensive plan is the 2 TB plan, which costs R $ 34.99 per month. Or you can pay R $ 349.99 per year.


Internet users who have high-quality images saved in Google Photos will not be affected by the change. This file size will not be deducted from the free 15 GB storage.

Owners of Google phones – Pixel 5 or earlier – will also continue their free unlimited backup option.

Alternative photo platforms

If it isn’t in your plans that you have to invest money to back up your photos and videos – or spend as little as possible – then tilt Made a list of alternative platforms for Google Photos.

Like Google’s storage service, each works with a free space quota and payment plans for additional storage. Depending on how many files you have, it can be beneficial to distribute them across platforms

Drop box

The platform offers several plan options. The free version includes 2 GB of storage and works similarly to Google Drive.

If you want more space, you can choose between the paid plans: Plus, Family, and Business (for businesses). The first offers 2 TB of storage for $ 9.99 a month in the annual package.

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The second one also runs at 2 TB and costs $ 16.99 per month, also in the annual package. However, it can be shared with up to six users.

The third starts at $ 16.58 a month with 3 TB space.


It’s the much-loved photo platform of the 2000s and was acquired by SmugMug last year. It also allows you to host 1,000 media items, with a maximum file limit of 200MB for photos and 1GB for video files, on the free plan.

Anyone who wants to pay for a Pro subscription to the service, which offers unlimited storage space, can choose from three plans: monthly, yearly and three months. They run for $ 7.99 a month, $ 5.99 a month, and $ 21.99 a month, respectively.


In addition to cloud storage services, some mobile phone manufacturers also save user files on their servers. Apple users have 5 GB of free iCloud for media storage.

If not enough, it is possible to rent more space by paying 3.50 BRL per month for the 50GB plan.

To get to 200GB, it’s 10.90 BRL per month. There’s also an option of R $ 34.90 a month for a 2 TB.

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