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Armazenamento gratuito ilimitado Google Fotos será encerrado em 1º de junho

What changes in Google Photos as unlimited storage expires?

The unlimited free storage for Google Photos photos and videos will expire on June 1st.
Image: Disclosure / Google

As of Tuesday (the first), Google Photos will no longer offer unlimited storage for photos and videos. Now, files in HD or original quality will occupy a portion of the 15GB space provided by the platform – the capacity is divided between Google’s major services, such as Drive, Gmail, and Photos.

The new rule applies to files listed from June. That is, photos and videos already saved in accounts should not be deleted or taken up additional space. In practical terms, the change is expected to mainly affect people who tend to save files in high quality. This is because this format should share the space – already set at 15GB – with files resized from the primary backup.

Despite this, the company estimates that more than 80% of users, who only use the platform to archive memories, must have around 3 years of free storage for the maximum to be exhausted. Google has also announced that images captured on Pixel devices – the company’s smartphone lineup – will not lose current benefits. The waiver applies to devices of any generation of brands.

When the available space is finished, you will have the option to delete the files or subscribe to the Google One service, which offers an additional 100 GB storage for 6.99 BRL per month, in the simplest plan. To make the transition easier, Google will provide new scope for managing photos, videos and backups, providing greater control over used space and automatic authorizations for downloading and compression.

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