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Understand the nonsense between the Mirella, Marilee, and Luma families |  capital Cities

Understand the nonsense between the Mirella, Marilee, and Luma families | capital Cities

Gêmeas Lacração claimed that MC Loma’s mother and sister would financially abuse the singer

Shit dominated social networks on Friday night (12/5) and it’s been losing so far. Marilee and Mirela Santos’ mom, James Lacracao, revealed that MC Loma’s mother and sister will be financially involved with the singer. Many vitriolic messages and accusations circulated on the Internet.

It all started when Mirella posted a birthday photo of Melanie, Luma’s daughter. In the comments, a follower hinted that only the influencer and Marilee helped the mom, which was seen as a blaming pin. Later, the follower deleted the comment.

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MC Luma
MC Luma

MC Loma and Lacração Twins
Luma and Mirella, one of the seal twins

Mirella Santos
Mirela Santos and her husband, Gabriel Farias

With the backlash, Mirela defended Luma and replied that her friend had always helped the family. He always helped with food, always helped with a credit card, and always gave Sister Day and her mother whatever they asked for. Ahh! [apelido dado à cantora] She also bought an apartment for them … Apart from everything that Pa does, but maybe what she does every day is little and not worthy of thanks! “

PC, Loma’s brother, agreed with Mirella and said that her sister is very supportive of the family, but she doesn’t like to show it.

Another sister was also involved: Dai Tramagi. We did not ask for any land plot for the house, because we have our own house. He had no card debt, because I’m paying the contract even today. I called Paloma to pay for the apartment with her, she helped us with the start of the house we are building above and with the renovation of the porch (…) she never paid us. When we have something to build, we get together and do it together.”

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Then, PC released a new post and revealed that she and her mom would like the singer to like it: “You never feel so grateful girl em*rem out of fear of people thinking you’re tied down by Paloma. All Pa ever wanted was your gratitude.”

Mirella’s sister, Marilee, said she saw her friend pay her mother’s and sister’s card several times and even asked her for money when she didn’t have it. “In return, he has never seen a thank you.”

Day, in turn, called the computer crazy and confronted that Luma had never helped her and her mother. Finally, he thanked the MC, but denied being supported by her.