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How did the RS tragedies destroy the image of the beloved hero of “BBB 24” and make the hero of the criticized reality show acclaim?

How did the RS tragedies destroy the image of the beloved hero of “BBB 24” and make the hero of the criticized reality show acclaim?

“BBB 24” star Daffy is under fire while “BBB 23” champion Amanda is gaining plaudits on social media; Both help Rio Grande do Sul.

Image: Reproduction, X/Purepeople

Since the end of April, Rio Grande do Sul It faces the state’s biggest climate tragedymore 150 deaths Civil Defense confirmed. Celebrities from around the world They help with donations And even And even go to places affected by floods. David that it AmandaChampions “BBB24” that it “BBB23”, are some of the names that have decided to do something personally. While the Bahian He was the target of much criticism on social mediathe woman from Para won the praise of netizens.

Duffy: From favorite to “cancelled”

David, Which was one of the audience’s favourites In his version of the reality show, he sparked controversy due to his contradictory positions amid the chaos in Rio Grande do Sul, since he decided to go to the state. He charged with the needle MatthewIn addition to receiving harsh criticism for it Interviewing victims in the midst of a rescue operation that it Take smiling photos with survivors. Some netizens claimed that the former app driver was turning the tragedy into a “spectacle”, unnecessarily putting people in vulnerable situations.

Amanda: From critic to acclaim

On the other hand, Amanda Meirelles received applause on social media, surprising even the “haters”! The blonde won her version of the game, But he was severely criticized at the time. Many fans of the program claimed that she did not take a position and was always lying down, which deprived her of deserving her victory. The former “abolitionist” woman is shocked that her positions – which were many – were almost never revealed! – As a volunteer at RS.

Today, Thursday (16…

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