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Android 15 will feature satellite calling, ‘thief mode’ and more news

Android 15 will feature satellite calling, ‘thief mode’ and more news

Android 15 – the new version of Google’s mobile operating system – is arriving soon, with a lot of new features. With the update, the company promises new features and improvements in productivity, privacy, security, and performance. In fact, some of the most anticipated functions include satellite calling and a sort of “thief mode,” which obscures the cell phone screen in the event of a theft.

Currently in a beta testing period, Android 15 is scheduled to be released starting September this year. In the following lines, Brazil chalk Lists major new features of the operating system available on compatible devices.

Satellite connection

Google will also standardize pop-ups and other elements of the Android interface to make it more obvious when a user is connected via satellite.

Anti-theft feature

This week, during Google I/O, the company introduced something new for Android 15: an anti-theft feature that acts as a “thief mode.” The technology will be available not only on Android 15, but also on all mobile phones running Android 10 or higher.

Using artificial intelligence, the cell phone will determine if someone forcefully snatches the cell phone from the owner’s hand and tries to escape. If this happens, the device will automatically lock the screen, preventing the possibility of sensitive data being stolen.

Partial screen recording

Instead of recording or sharing the entire screen, in Android 15 it will be possible to share only one app, revealing the rest of the interface or received notifications. In addition, logins and one-time passwords are automatically hidden.

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The feature is already available on Google’s Pixel line phones, but will arrive on all Android 15 smartphones later this year.

Archive the application

As with iOS, Android 15 will allow you to archive apps to save space on your cell phone. In other words, it will only be possible to delete part of the application, while keeping the settings and saving game data.

If you want to reinstall the software, simply download it again from the Play Store and use it as if it never left the system.

Enhance protection against fraud and scams

One of Google’s concerns is increasing the security of Android 15 with the help of artificial intelligence. Through the Play Protect system, the company will analyze and report suspicious behavior throughout the system.

When you receive two-factor authentication codes, for example, the notification will be hidden, making it difficult for people with bad intentions to intercept it.

Private Space is among the new features of Android 15

Android 15 will have the advantage of a private space among the new features, where it will be possible to store applications and protect them with additional authentication. This function can be used to leave banking applications and personal documents, for example.

When Private Space is locked, apps are hidden from recent view, notifications, settings, and other apps. It will also be possible to delete all programs in the space at once.

Improvements in viewing PDF files

Starting with Android 15, it will be easier to edit PDF files on your cell phone. Files will be uploaded more easily, and there will be support for password-protected documents, annotations, form editing, and copy selection. It will also be possible to search directly in PDF files.

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Better photos in low light

Finally, the Android camera app will also get improvements. With improved low-light, mobile phones will be able to take better photos and scan QR codes, even in dark environments.

There will also be new control options for the flash, allowing you to adjust the intensity of individual shots and activate continuous flashlight mode.