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The View members exchange punches and kicks in the middle of the show [VÍDEO]

The View members exchange punches and kicks in the middle of the show [VÍDEO]

The band announced its return after five years of hiatus. After the fight, the shows were cancelled

Vocalist Kelle falconer, 35 years old and guitarist Kieran Webster(37 years old) exchanged punches and kicks on stage during his band’s performance. the view. The show took place yesterday (10) at the UK Concert Hall.

The duo separated on stage while the vocalist said: “I'm going to kill you.” Kyle As he told the audience before leaving the stage: “The problem with this band is that it wants to sing songs but cannot.”

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According to what a source said the sunWhen the fighting started Kiran He pushed the singer's microphone, initially intended as a joke.

“This was their big comeback show and this was not supposed to happen.” Another source said.

Check out the video below:

The View's concert at Manchester's Deaf Institute was interrupted by a fight last night… within the band 😳pic.twitter.com/16LnIpBIsE

– Far Out Magazine (@FarOutMag) May 11, 2023

On the morning of Thursday 11th, the band canceled tonight’s show and apologized to its fans in a statement:

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Unfortunately, we have to postpone tonight's show in London. Our manager is working to resolve the situation. Please hold on to your tickets and we will make another announcement in a few days. We apologize to all our fans.”

Scottish band the view He returned last year after a five-year hiatus. The band is preparing to release a new album titled Exorcism of young peoplescheduled to be held on June 9.

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