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Gabigol appears depressed after the punishment

Gabigol appears depressed after the punishment

The previous day, the actors expressed their disbelief at the incident. Before the situation, the group celebrated the atmosphere of peace after two successive victories. The disruption caused by the striker’s controversy was frowned upon.

The board of directors decided to fine Gabigol his salary and remove the number 10 shirt from the player. It was agreed that he will wear shirt number 99 from now on. The striker was also excused from training on Friday (17).

The player was unable to prove that the photo was a lie, according to a press office note the previous day. He also did not publicly acknowledge the mistake and issued a statement in which he only spoke about losing the number 10 shirt. UOL He attempted to contact the athlete’s staff to see if his position would be maintained, but received no response.

The meeting at Gabriel’s house included some Flamengo employees. The idea was to celebrate the people who came to visit him during the suspension period. It is worth noting that he was greeted with applause and a hall of people from the club on his way back to CT.

Far from Fla

Gabigol still has some support within Flamengo, but he has lost the atmosphere. The prestige among the actors is no longer what it was before and has gained a new air after the leaked photo. The relationship with the masses, which were supportive, turned into revolution and disappointment.