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Under the watchful eyes of Paulo Tura, Santos loses to Flamengo at Villa

Under the watchful eyes of Paulo Tura, Santos loses to Flamengo at Villa

Image copyright Raul Baretta / SantosFC Image caption Venezuelan Sotildo tries to steer Santos forward

With the new coach, Paulo Torra, in the boxes, Santos lost 3-2 to Flamengo on Sunday night, at Villa Belmero, in a match valid for the 12th round of the Brazilian Championship. It was Pixie’s tenth winless game of the season. Mendoza and Rodrigo Fernandez scored the goals for Santos.

Even with the defeat, Santos is still 13th in the standings, with 13 points. In the next round, on Sunday, he faces Bixie Cuiaba, in the Arena Pantanal. And earlier, Thursday, Blooming hosted, in Villa Belmero, the Copa Sudamericana tournament.

the game

The match started at a slow pace with many fouls and disagreements in midfield. Santos had two chances, both from Lucas Lima’s cross, but Mendoza sent the first one into the net from the outside and holed the second.

At his first opportunity, Flamengo opened the scoring. In the 21st minute, Fabricio Bruno crossed from the right, Joaquim hit a high header and then intercepted Gabriel Inocencio and the Flamengo players. The ball fell to Everton Cipolineha, who shot it first. Joao Paulo continued to touch the ball, but he could not avoid the goal.

After the goal, Flamengo started playing the ball slower to manage the score. The penalty came in the 39th minute. In the counterattack, Marcos fired Leonardo Sotildo on the left. The Venezuelan dominated and gave Mendoza a beautiful pass, pushing it towards the goal.

In the first half, Flamengo had another great chance. After a corner kick from the right, Fabricio Bruno headed it into the goal and Lucas Peris saved it over the line.

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The second half started electrifying. In the fourth minute, after a cross from the left, Everton Ribeiro appeared alone in the middle of the Santos area and headed in a corner kick from Joao Paulo to score Flamengo’s second goal.

The Rio team didn’t have time to celebrate. In the sixth minute, Lucas Lima hit a free kick inside the area, Messias hit it with a header, Matthews Cunha rebounded, and midfielder Rodrigo Fernandez surprisingly appeared inside the small area to push the ball towards the goal.

Six minutes later, Flamengo scored the third goal. After an exchange of passes, Erik Polgar received it inside the area and kicked it into the left corner of goalkeeper Joao Paulo.

After a hot start, the match calmed down. Santos threatened again only in the 32nd minute. Angelo, who entered well, gave a wonderful pass to Marcos Leonardo. The striker finished first, but the ball left the goal of Mateusz Cunha.

Santos 2 x 3 Flamengo

Date and time: June 25, 2023, 6:30 PM (Brasilia time)
Location: Vila Belmiro, in Santos (SP)
Referee: Wilton Pereira Sampaio (Fifa-GO)
Assistant Referees: Guilherme Dias Camilo (Viva-Go) and Leonie Carvalho Rocha (Go).
Video Referee: Rodolpho Toski Marques (Fifa-PR)

Goals: Everton Cipolineha, 21 min (0-1), Mendoza, 39 min/1 (1-1), Everton Ribeiro, 4’/2 (1-2), Rodrigo Fernandez, 6’/Q2 (2-2) , Eric Polgar, at 12’/Q2 (2-3)

Yellow cards: Lucas Peris, Luan Dias (SAN), Eric Polgar (FLA)

Joao Paulo, Gabriel Inocencio, Messias, Joaquim and Lucas Peris; Rodrigo Fernández (Sandry, at 23’/T2), Dodi (Bruno Mezenga, at 36’/T2) and Lucas Lima (Luan Dias, at 23’/T2); Mendoza (Lucas Barbosa, at 40 min/T2), Marcos Leonardo and Stildo (Ângelo, at 23 min/T2). Coach: Claudiomero (temporary)

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Matheus Cunha Wesley, Fabricio Bruno, Leo Pereira, Ayrton Lucas (Felipe Luis, at 36ft/2ºT), Eric, Gerson, Vitor Hugo (Thiago Maia, at 17ft/2ºT) and Everton Ribeiro (Arascaeta, at 17ft/2ºT) ; Everton Cebolinha (Bruno Henrique, at 23min/2ºT) and Gabigol (Pedro, at 38min/2ºT). Coach: Jorge Sampaoli