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Corinthians pay installments and settle accounts at Profut to avoid penalties

Corinthians pay installments and settle accounts at Profut to avoid penalties

Corinth made a long-awaited move at the start of the year. In late days the club paid the 2021 installments of Profut: January, which won in February, February, which won in March, and March, which won in April. The club currently has no issues pending in the program.

Payment information from Give The premiums are around R $ 1 million per month. The club ran to prevent delays from reaching three months in the 2021 fiscal year, which would increase the risks of being excluded from the program, a great fear for managers and advisors in the current situation.

a Profut installment suspension Last Thursday, it benefits clubs that defaulted on debt in 2020, and by extension, Corinthians. Now, clubs can discuss pending payments with the government and are free of any penalties, such as exclusion from the program.

It is worth noting that expulsion from the program could mean an immediate resumption of obligations (not in installments), as it did with Cruzeiro.

A club may still suffer from foreclosures of revenue or real estate. Another point for those who do not participate in Profut is the impossibility of obtaining a national debt certificate, which makes access to bank loans or subsidies impossible, as well as sponsorship by state-owned enterprises.

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