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UK Minister Tia Zélia prepares feijoada in restaurant | Metropolises

On an official visit to Brasilia this Wednesday (24/5), the Minister visited the Tia Zélia restaurant located in Vila Planaldo.

The success of the tasting at the restaurant run by Maria de Jesus Oliveira crossed the borders of Brazil and won over the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, James Smart. During an official visit to Brasilia this Wednesday (24/5), the official visited the gastronomic house located in Vila Planaldo and did not fail to get his hands dirty.

Together with the British Ambassador to Brazil Stephanie Al-Khaq and her entourage, Tia Zelia smartly learned how to prepare the famous feijoada. The cook taught the minister step by step the dish as he put on his apron to show that he was a great master cook. The Secretary of State not only collaborated on the preparations but also tasted and approved the delicious food.

Aunt Jelia is next to the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, James Wise

According to columnist Claudia Meirelles’ sources, the foreign minister wanted to taste the traditional Brazilian feijoada and didn’t enjoy a single meal. He carried out his agenda on Brazilian soil thanks to a series of trips to strengthen ties with Latin America and the Caribbean.

Watch the moment the minister visited Tia Zélia’s restaurant in the video below:

In Brasilia, Wednesday (5/24) for the 6th Brazil-United Kingdom High Level Strategic Dialogue, he was graciously received by President Mauro Vieira at the Itamarati Palace. During the event, the two officials discussed deepening bilateral cooperation on topics such as environment, health, science, technology and innovation.

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The previous day, i.e. Tuesday (23/5) he was in Manas wisely. In the Amazonian capital, the Secretary of State’s agenda focused on issues related to cooperation in science and the environment. Since 2014, the UK Foreign Secretary has not been to Brazil. Finally came William Hague.

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