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UK hospitals have temporarily banned the use of laughing gas on pregnant women due to health risks for medical staff. Childbirth

According to The Sunday Times, some hospitals have recorded levels of nitrous oxide up to 50 times higher than those considered safe for people exposed regularly. Hospitals in England are equipped with machines that can “filter” the gas and turn it into harmless components, but many lack the equipment, the NHS says. In a statement, the hospitals said that due to the situation, they “may not be able to provide gas to everyone who wants to use it and will prioritize use on a ‘case-by-case’ basis”.

The suspension is subject to complaints from soon-to-be pregnant women in the country. In a statement, Joanna Keeble, a representative from the NHS, stressed that there was no risk to the health of mothers and babies, and that the gas was only harmful with prolonged exposure. “There is no risk to mothers, laborers, their partners and babies. Our obstetrics and medical teams have long suspended the use of laughing gas to protect patients from using nitrous oxide.”

According to the NHS, hospitals are under maintenance to ensure adequate ventilation measures are in place, and pregnant women are required to return to service once protective procedures are completed.

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