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PF has new pictures of illegal Bolsonaro jewelry sold in the US

PF has new pictures of illegal Bolsonaro jewelry sold in the US

Federal police have obtained new exclusive images and information confirming the facts about the illegal sale and buyback of the jewels that made up the white gold box allegedly acquired illegally by Jair Bolsonaro during his time as head of state. Bela Makel’s blog.

Films, documents and interviews carried out also point to the participation of a new figure in the covert operation.

The kit, which includes a diamond-encrusted ring, pen, cufflinks and an Islamic rosary (“maspaha”), was received by Bolsonaro during his official visit to Saudi Arabia in October 2019. The package also included a Rolex watch. It was sold separately at a store in Pennsylvania. The total value of the package is estimated to be at least R$500,000.

The agents received the jewelery displayed at the store before buying it back. Also, PF gained access to advertisements for resale of products. According to the police report, the man responsible for the sale and subsequent buyback of the jewels was identified as Bolsonaro’s former aide Mauro Cid.

The data was collected by federal police officers who traveled to the United States to conduct the final stages of an investigation into the illegal acquisition and sale of jewels received by Bolsonaro and in the presidency’s collection. The investigators worked with the support of the FBI and spent 16 days on US soil.

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