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US sanctions 26 Chinese textile companies

US sanctions 26 Chinese textile companies

The Joe Biden administration has cited measures against forced labor in manufacturing and “genocide” against Uyghurs.

US Department of Homeland Security declared This Thursday (May 16, 2024) added 26 Chinese companies in the textile sector. UFLPA (List of Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Law Firms), what Prohibits the export of goods from companies allegedly using forced Uyghur labor in the production of the products.

The US and other Western countries have accused China of a “Genocide” and the systematic persecution of Muslim minorities, mainly the Uighur ethnic group Cotton is grown in Xinjiang, northwest China, where cotton is grown by licensed companies.

The UFLPA is in effect through 2021 and is a US legislative effort to cut funding for Uyghurs’ forced labor-based activities.

The move, which now increases the number of companies on the list to more than 80, is aimed at American companies auditing their supply chains and avoiding importing products derived from forced labor.

US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorgas highlighted the importance of the move.

“Today’s announcement strengthens our enforcement of the UFLPA and requires companies to verify the origin of their products to prevent forced labor from entering our borders.”He said in a statement.

With this move, the US is trying to combat the exploitation of workers in China and ensure that goods imported into the country respect human rights.

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