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What happened to the PlayStation stars?

What happened to the PlayStation stars?

Sony has launched Days of Play and introduced several campaigns for players to enjoy within the PS app, more specifically on PlayStation Stars. However, the celebration was not complete for many, after this feature stopped working in the application.

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We’ll explain how this all happened over the past few weeks, as the tab ended up being deactivated and Sony has yet to explain what happened:

  • Start your play days with activities and more!

On June 3rd, PlayStation Stars was still online and Sony launched Community Challenges. With goals for all players to achieve together, fans moved to achieve the goals. Time was limited and the rewards were coming through the program itself, but it all fell apart.

  • Instability on PS Stars

A period of instability began to worry the community after a few days, amid challenges. The PS app and other functions were still available, but the loyalty program was starting to take off It cannot be accessed.

Error in PlayStation Stars
(Source: Jean Azevedo/MeuPS)

PlayStation Stars was eventually removed from the PS app menus. Currently, there is no way to know if purchases actually generate points and if Days of Play rewards have been delivered.

PlayStation Stars is still having problems so far

Sony has not yet released access to PlayStation Stars. The icon in the application has been changed and the previously reached level does not appear within the program.

PlayStation Stars iconPlayStation Stars icon
(Source: Jean Azevedo/MeuPS)

It is also not possible to subscribe to the service on the official website at the present time:

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PlayStation Stars in a web browserPlayStation Stars in a web browser
(Source: PlayStation)

No information has yet been revealed about possible changes to the system, so the best option is to wait for PlayStation itself to talk about the matter.