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The Museum of Tomorrow and SESI Laboratory present the “Experience with Science” exhibition

The Museum of Tomorrow and SESI Laboratory present the “Experience with Science” exhibition

A series of analogue and digital experiences that activate the body and imagination and invite us to question our relationship with everything around us, this is the basis of the exhibition “Experimenta Ciência: SESI Lab e Museu do Ajante”, which is on display at the Museum of Tomorrow. The project is the result of an institutional partnership with the SESI Lab Museum in Brasilia, a space that connects art, science and technology to build creative educational processes, with an emphasis on experimentation.

In a playful environment, designed in the Time Gallery at the Museum of Tomorrow, visitors are invited to perceive colours, smells, sounds and tactile stimuli, and through them to understand the diversity of these experiences. As the name of the exhibition suggests, the Museum of Tomorrow will serve as a stage for experiments that will be carried out through a series of SESI laboratory devices that reference natural and social phenomena, stimulating different perspectives and forms of perception. Thus, the exhibition also calls on each of us to increasingly recognize and value the plurality of perspectives in the construction of knowledge.

“The exhibition represents an opportunity for the community to reflect on how our perceptions open paths towards a new tomorrow. Through experiential activities, visitors experience science and can see themselves as agents of change. “Catalyzing the collective construction of the future we want is our way of collaborating towards a more sustainable, collective, inclusive and diverse life,” says Fabio Scarano, curator at the Museum of Tomorrow.

Among the selected devices, the “Color Shadows” device stands out, which detects the colors that make up white light and creates colored shadows; The artwork “The Selfish Mirror and the Exclusionary Mirror,” which manipulates the image of the visitor who sees himself at times alone, and at other times absent; In addition to “A Message to You,” where visitors write letters to their past and future using a touch keyboard. Finally, visitors can share their messages and photos taken in the booth on a large screen next to the device.

Another highlight is the Virtual Butterfly Garden, where the public receives information about the process of discovering and cataloging new species and is invited to imagine themselves in the process. Butterflies produced by visitors, with different materials and textures, are displayed on a large LED panel, in an interactive and enchanting video, where the creativity of the audience becomes an essential part of the work.

“The SESI Lab brought interactive devices to the Museum of Tomorrow that show that art is connected with science and technology. “The idea is to sharpen the public’s perception so that they can actually experience and feel the science present in our daily lives,” explains Claudia Ramalho, supervisor of culture at SESI.

“Experience Science: SESI’s Laboratory and Museum of Tomorrow” is recommended for audiences of all ages and profiles, especially children and their families, teachers and students. The exhibition will be held from June 21 to September 22 this year. Tickets are on sale at Sympla.

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