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TV network!  Launches a streaming platform to compete with Globoplay

TV network! Launches a streaming platform to compete with Globoplay

RedTV! Preparing Launch Your Own Broadcasting Platform. Sao Paulo Channel has teamed up with Magnite, a multi-channel software advertising company, to create RedeTV! GO, your streaming app for mobile phones and connected TVs. According to Daniel Barros, Director of Value Creation at Broadcaster, the partnership between the two companies was signed before the health crisis and the new app has since been developed.

Broadcasting platform RedeTV! It will bring live programs to the channel. After that, there will be on-demand content from the station’s 23 years. “The idea is to bring another point of contact with the viewer, stream the content live, the whole network and we’ll have content from the entire legacy of TV,” Danielle explains to the specialist website Meio & Mensagem. According to Salomão Batista Rodrigues Junior, Vice President of Latam Sales at Magnite, NFL games will also be on the RedeTV app when streaming. The channel has the rights to broadcast the event in Brazil until 2025.

RedeTV app! It will be released first for iOS and Android, on mobile devices, after which it will be gradually rolled out to connected TVs. “We started with Samsung’s Tizen, then continued with LG’s WebOS, and from there we continue a series of launches on different platforms and operating systems,” says Rafael Ballaris, general manager of Magnite for Latin America.

Previously, it was only possible to watch RedeTV content on mobile phones and TVs connected via Pluto TV or via the station’s YouTube channel. However, Pallarés explains, the Google video platform ends up stifling the broadcasters’ relationship with the audience. “Through this partnership, we created a model in which we developed the app for these content producers, allowing them to own the relationship with that user.”

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Also according to the post, RedeTV! GO will be completely free, with ads inserted in the middle of the content. The ads will be managed by Magnite itself, the display-side platforms (SSP) that sell multi-channel automated ads. “We’re making a product for them, and we’ll be the infrastructure behind it, but they have their own sales team that sells projects the same way they sell TV, only in a more dynamic way,” confirms the company’s VP of Latin America Sales.

RedeTV app! It will have various forms of ad insertion, such as sponsored content and branded content, according to Daniel Barros. “Every 20 minutes we’ll open a two-minute break. Obviously, in the beginning, when we take off, until we get a customer base, we’ll do some smaller marketing, and we’re not going to open all the breaks, initially,” says Danielle. There is no official release date yet for RedeTV! GO, but the broadcaster already has ten customers ready for the new platform. The site is also live