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Treebo Lua has new clashes and lights up on alert after losing another participant;  Watch the best moments!  |  2022

Treebo Lua has new clashes and lights up on alert after losing another participant; Watch the best moments! | 2022

The effect of the weather again On the edge! The participants gave their all in this Thursday’s episode 5/13, but the differences between Moon and Sun tribes began to appear. If the Moon members win the first test over their opponents, they lose the immunity test and go again to the Gate.

The Lua tribe in the movie “Without Borders” – Photo: Globo

Fernando Fernandez even questioned some of the group’s attitudes and reflected on their performance in reality. I want to know more? Check out the best moments.

The start of the fight started when Ibogukan He said that not everyone puts their “hands” to the tests. Camila I got a little uncomfortable with the comment, and after a while, the two disagreed about Carioca’s backpack.

‘No Limits’: Tribo Lua’s nonsense backpack – Photo: Globo

He asked his colleague not to lie on her things and hot Entering into the conversation, he gave him a slightly hardened answer. The result: beef led to another and Guza and Ipojucan fought a battle to solve some drops in i’s.

Friction causes a split in the Moon Tribe before the Portal vote

The sudden challenge arouses the curiosity of the tribes

After proving the privilege, Fernando Fernandez invited two participants to accompany him to a venue in Praia Brava. Matthews volunteered and Victor Hugo was chosen by Tribo Lua. The two were surprised to participate in yet another additional challenge and the winner would be guaranteed a double vote in the next two eliminations. Victor won and was shaken a lot by the new force.

Upon returning to their respective camps, the two adopted different strategies when it came time to tell their real-life mates or not. And of course, curiosity was a hallmark of this moment!

Camila removes and thinks about the gate

After winning the franchise trial, Moon Tribe lost the immunity trial and went to the portal again. The announcer questioned the group’s lack of leadership and warned that “the boat is sinking.” Everyone thought about the situation and gave their opinion.

Then they went to vote and Camilla was eliminated this time.

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