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Lexa flies over New York in a helicopter and her mother scolds her: “Tomboy”


The celebrity shared the incredible adventure aboard a concept car with no doors, allowing the singer to enjoy the ride with her feet outside.

Lexa flies over New York in a helicopter and is scolded by her mother: “Naughty girl” PHOTOS: Reproduction / Stories of the singer’s official Instagram.

Singer Lexa has embarked on an exciting adventure that many would like to do, but few have the courage, not even the chance to do so. I went on vacation after a marathon last Carnival and decided to enjoy it in a completely different way: a helicopter flight over New York City, in the US.

This Wednesday (01/03) the celebrity shared this dazzling adventure on her official Instagram account, much to the surprise of fans. It was not a trip like any other. A was on board a model without doors and was able to enjoy the ride with little feet outside, showing all his bravery and adventurous spirit.

Lexa flies over New York in a helicopter and is scolded by her mother: “naughty girl” Photo: reproduction / stories of the singer’s official Instagram.

“I love going on adventures! My second time flying a helicopter in NY… look at me getting my little feet up. I highly recommend this tour”, the artist wrote in the caption of the publication in the abstract. In the stories, I shared moments of getting ready and part of the ride inside the car, along with an instructor.

Despite the adventure, what caught the attention of netizens was the comment left by the artist’s mother, Darlene Ferratre, who did not hesitate to perform a virtual ear lift: “Naughty naughty girl, I’ll catch you when you get home to get beaten up. Lexa, why do you like putting your mom on a frenzy here?”MC Guimê’s mother-in-law.

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