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"Globo pushes you out"

“Globo pushes you out”

Michelle Barros has resigned from TV Globo (Image: Reproduction/Instagram @Michaellebarros)

News Summary:

  • Michelle Barros announced via social media that she has resigned from TV Globo on Thursday (12).

  • The journalist has been at home for 17 years and has already been on several programs at the headquarters in São Paulo.

  • She received support from friends writing in the comments and encouragement from Veruska Donato

The TV Globo Musical Chairs don’t stop! After the departure of Chico Pinheiro and Carlos Tramontina, Michael Barros Also leaving the news channel after 12 years. She shared her farewell speech on social media and got support from friends.

She thanked the channel for the experience it had gained in performing various functions within the network. “I told Globo about the mishaps and beauty of the city that embraced this Alagoas woman. The street gave me skin, a talent for improvisation, the ability to move from one topic to another quickly, it gave me sensitivity, empathy, and it helped me mature,” he wrote.

The broadcaster of the São Paulo Carnival, I remembered the 2022 broadcast that took place in April. “I was in front of the last two submissions for the Sao Paulo Carnival. This year, I was on the air for about 10 hours the first night and about 8 hours the next. I enjoyed every minute, smiled, hugged, celebrated!”

Seeking more and more entertainment, in speaking to other audiences and being open to publicity, she wants to fly. “It’s been a while since I’ve felt like I’ve closed a course. And I’ve never been afraid to throw myself completely into what I believe in. At 42, 22 of them in journalism, I decided I was going to open myself up to this: new formats, new stories, new perspectives” , as warned.

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He added: “I will devote myself to social networks, talk about connecting with you there, on YouTube, on Instagram, I will do events, meetings, trips … I will complete my law studies at the end of the year and I must include this content – copyright in the networks Social and Digital Law – In Our Online Guidelines”.


In the comments, several professional colleagues commented on her social media posts and Versca Donato stood out. Journalist resigned during the COVID-19 pandemic. She had to take time off work due to special programming the station had compiled in early 2020.

Veruska Donato's comment on Michelle Barros' post (Photo: reproduc/instagram @michellebarros)

Veruska Donato’s comment on Michelle Barros’ post (Photo: reproduc/instagram @michellebarros)

“Friend, globo is a school, but it’s pushing us out. It’s not for you! You deserve more, much more. Globo loses”, commented the journalist who currently works on MS TV, a subsidiary of Record TV in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul.

Marcelo Cosmi, who shared some shows with Michelle, commented, “I hope this is a new time of great happiness!” “You are my dear! So qualified will shine on any front. I will always remember the way you welcomed me on my first day in the studio. Sympathy dear care. You are special, Mi!”, Renato Cori posted.