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Tolima x São Paulo: Where to watch live, schedule and lineup |  South American Cup

Tolima x São Paulo: Where to watch live, schedule and lineup | South American Cup

The home side, in a bad moment of the season, only won in Sol Americana’s debut and had three points. Last week, Tolima fired coach Hernan Torres. The new captain, Juan Cruz, got into action on Sunday.

a Sao Paulo He won the two matches he played in the competition and leads Group D. This will be the first match for Dorival Junior in the Copa Sudamericana this year, because in the previous matches he was still Rogero Ceni on the bench. The current coach has an important streak to defend: he has won his last 13 caps.

flow: ESPN and Star+

Sao Paulo defeats Porto Capello for Sudamericana in Morumbi, in the second round of the Copa Sudamericana.

Possible lineups:

Tolima – Coach: Juan Cruz

competitor Sao Paulo This tour is at a critical moment of the season. In the last six matches, he scored just one point, in a tie with Jaguares Córdoba, for the Colombian. The results led to the dismissal of Hernan Torres, a week ago, and the arrival of Juan Cruz, the Argentine who recently played with America de Cali and Junior de Barranquilla.

who is outside: Riascos (commentator).

potential team: Cristian Vargas, Fabian Mosquera, Julian Quiñones, Jose Quini, Junior Hernandez; Juan Jose Rubiano and Juan Valencia; Facundo Boni, Jason Lucumi, and Brian Gill; Diego Hirazo

Sao Paulo Technician: Dorival Jr

who is outside: Diego Costa (suspension), Gallupo (left knee surgery), Ferrarisi (right knee surgery), Moreira (left knee surgery), Wellington (left ankle surgery), Andre Anderson (groin surgery), Igor Vinicius (pubic surgery), David (knee injury) and Calleri (dengue)

Potential team: Raphael. Rafinha, Arboleda, Peraldo and Caio Paulista; Luan (Gabriel Nieves), Pablo Maya and Rodrigo Nestor; Marcos Paolo (Alison), Luciano and Erison (Wellington Rato).


  • to rule: Felipe Gonzalez (CHI)
  • Assistants: Juan Serrano and Cindy Nahulkwe (CHI)
  • Fourth rule: Edwin Ordonez (PER)
  • Video Assistant Referee: Rodrigo Carvajal (Che)