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COB Ethics Board increases Wallace’s suspension to 5 years and cuts CBV funds |  volleyball

COB Ethics Board increases Wallace’s suspension to 5 years and cuts CBV funds | volleyball

The Ethics Committee of the Brazilian Olympic Committee decided to increase Wallace’s suspension from 90 days to five years for office by polling the shooting of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. The reverse went to court in the men’s Super League final, backed by a Supreme Court injunction for sports justice. But the board understands that the suspension was sovereign.

In addition to Wallace’s suspension, the board also announced the sanction of the Brazilian Volleyball Federation. CBV was penalized with a six-month money transfer loss. In addition, Mr. Radamis Latari, the acting head of the entity, has been suspended. See the decision at the end of the article.

a General Electric I called CPV Defense and Cruzeiro Wallace. The entity said it would continue to take its position on the punishment. On the other hand, Cruzeiro has stated that he will not express himself. The player’s lawyer has not yet responded to the report. When you do, the article will be updated.

Wallace in the Super League final – Photo: Sada Cruzeiro Foley

Two weeks ago, Cruzeiro’s reverse received an injunction from the Supreme Court of Sports Justice (STJD) so that he could defend the club in the final stage of the Super League.

Wallace was suspended for 90 days, a penalty imposed by the Ethics Board of the Brazilian Olympic Committee (CECOB), Because of a post on social networks with a survey about the shooting of the President of the Republic, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

20 x 25 – Wallace scores Cruzeiro title point

However, the hearing held by the Brazilian Center for Mediation and Arbitration ended without a public decision. The official decision was only issued by the CBMA on Wednesday, the date of the match. Wallace did not participate in the two stage matches, but he was on the field in the final last Sunday.

Check out the official note from the COB Ethics Board:

For this reason, the Ethics Board unanimously decided the following:

a) Increasing punitive suspensions from 90 days to 5 (five) years and from 1 (one) year to 5 (five) years applicable to athlete Wallace Leandro de Souza, removing him for that period from any and all volleyball-related events that qualify as a juvenile specific to the Federation, Federation or Olympic Committee, and as a result:

i) Send an official letter to the Minister of Justice, informing of the current action, inquiring about the existence of an investigation by the police, criminal representation or criminal proceedings in respect of the facts mentioned herein, and charging the said athlete.

b) Suspension of the CBF from the COB regime for a period of 6 (six) months, thus:

i) Order the Brazilian Olympic Committee to suspend any and all remittances – from any sources, assets or addresses – to the CBF, including those referring to the Agnello/Piva Law and arising from lottery and prediction games.

b) Order the Brazilian Olympic Committee to suspend material assistance to the Brazilian Volleyball Federation, including the allocation of physical spaces, human materials, technological assistance or knowledge.

c) Official letter to the Ministry of Sports informing the suspension of any and all relations between CBV and COB – and as a result of the Olympic Movement, for the same period, for the purpose of canceling any and all funding or material assistance to the said federation supposedly associated with the Brazilian Olympic Committee and the Olympic Movement. All this without prejudice to other penalties that the Minister deems appropriate.

iv) Official letter to Banco do Brasil and other entities – public or private – that have links with CBV, to inform the Brazilian Volleyball Federation of suspending for 6 (six) months its relationship with COB and the Olympic Movement for this purpose by canceling all hereditary or non-hereditary relationships that It binds private entities with the CBV which presupposes the entity’s participation in the Olympic system, whose link no longer exists at this date. All without prejudice to other measures any entity may wish to take.

c) Formal letter to TCU – Federal Court of Accounts – notifying the 6 (six) month bond suspension, indicating special filing of accounts with respect to applicable federal public values ​​under the now suspended entity umbrella, including amounts paid by the entity in the form of fees and arbitration services to the CBMA, with the aim of thwarting the decision of the maximum entity of the Brazilian Olympic Games.”