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todom |  The return of the global Netflix event!

todom | The return of the global Netflix event!

The worldwide Netflix fan event is back! Tudum takes place on September 24th. With 5 events, Tudum promises to bring content to fans with over 100 productions! Rely on series, movies, and specials from the streaming platform.

The Netflix online event was a huge success last year, racking up over 25 million views in 184 countries around the world! Now, Tudum will take place again and consist of five global events that will actually take place over a 24-hour period. The free virtual event will ensure loads of fun and first-hand information for fans around the world. With trailers, never-before-seen footage, news, and interviews with Netflix’s biggest stars, this year’s Tudum has everything to replicate the success of the previous movie.

The festival is named after the sound that can be heard when you reach the Netflix platform and watch the series or movie of your choice. Born in Brazil in 2020, the event was a huge hit that won the world and became Netflix’s main celebration with fans spreading the news about their products.

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Finally, Tudum takes place in September of this year. Covering four continents in five virtual events! Check out the “Itinerary” of this round-the-world trip with Netflix fans:

  • At 23:00 Brasilia time, on September 23 – Todom started with a group dedicated to production from Korea;
  • 2:30 a.m. Brasilia Time on September 24 – fans will be able to watch everything that is being produced in India;
  • At 14:00 Brasilia time, on September 24 – the audience will be able to discover the news and production of Netflix in the United States and Europe. In addition, there will be a selection dedicated to original titles in Latin America, including highlights from Brazil;
  • 1:00 AM Brasilia Time on September 25th – Finally, Japan Stars will be closing Tudum with the best of Japanese entertainment.
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Finally, Tudum can be seen on channels netflix youtube In multiple languages. You can also monitor files official site From Netflix where more reveal will be released soon.

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