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"Where was this story made from?"

“Where was this story made from?”

Vanessa Giacomo She is a famous actress Brazilian TV She achieved this position through tremendous talent and dedication. These are years of career in which the artist offers to act in films, theaters and serials. However, on Friday (15), the scientist found that he may have succeeded in other branches.

This is because in Twittera user went viral after creating a story using an old photo of Vanessa, in which the actress participates in an event for a mobile phone brand. In the tweet, the netizen said she would not give up on her dreams, as Giacomo came to work at a mobile phone booth before going to the Globe.

“I will never give up on my dreams In the photo below, Vanessa Giacomo works in a Samsung booth in a bar shop the day before she was slapped by a crying customer in the background the director Papinia was shocked by her ability to cry and called her a soap opera empire,” the girl speculated on social network.

Everything gets better after other profiles started adding more stories to the account. The joke was so big that it reached Vanessa Who wanted to know where the footless or headless young woman got the story from. “Where did you come up with this crazy story?” asked the actress.

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