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Tina Turner Notifies Tina's Life Not to Use the Tina Brand in Music - 06/29/2021 - Illustrated

Tina Turner Notifies Tina’s Life Not to Use the Tina Brand in Music – 06/29/2021 – Illustrated

Tina does not want Tina to use the Tina brand in the music business. None of them have the word “Tina” on their birth certificate, but they all have in common not only the fact that they use the name in their artistic career, but also that they see the branding potential of these four letters.

That’s why lawyers Tina Turner, famous singer Part of the Rock Hall of Fame, they took action. Two weeks ago, the Brazilian actresses who created the “Tina’s Life” humor file received an extrajudicial notice from lawyers representing Tina Turner in Brazil, asking them not to register Tina’s trademark with the National Institute of Industrial Property, INPI’s field of music and music-related services.

The profile was created by Júlia Burnier and Isabela Mariotto, who produce videos that make fun of a certain elite of the left. In January, Burnier submitted an application to register the trademark “A Vida de Tina” with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), in the “Entertainment Services” specification. In June, a notice arrived, by e-mail and post, from the law firm he represents Tina Turner Not Brazil.

“The first reaction was surprising, because we never imagined we could discuss something with Tina Turner, because she is an artist with global reach, and a huge woman close to us,” says Mariotto, who plays the Brazilian Tina—voiced by Burnier.

In the document, the rights holders of Tina Turner ask for an agreement so that the recording of the trademark “A Vida de Tina” does not enter the music business.

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Our client is the owner of several valid registrations of the “TINA” trademark. […] In Canada, the European Community, the United Kingdom and the United States,” the lawyers say in the document sent to Burnier. According to them, the name “Tina” deserves trademark protection because it is “known,” regardless of the name Tina is a trademark. Turner “is filed or registered in the Brazil”.

“The use of the ‘TINA’ brand in the ‘A Vida de Tina’ brand formation is likely to mislead the general public into error, suspicion and confusion, suggesting the creation of the ‘new’ brand ‘A Vida de Tina’ as a way to honor the famous American singer. Tina Turner and her path in the entertainment sector.Confusion is also possible with “Tina: The Tina Turner Musical”, as she protects the brand in question.
The document adds that the entertainment and music services are based on the “life of Tina Turner.”

“We don’t want to compete with Tina Turner, it just isn’t possible,” says Júlia Burnier. “And our work isn’t about Tina Turner, we’re not referring to her.”

Mariotto adds, “Even if, with all this history, you could get to know our work, that would be great. We’d be honored because we’re so many fans.” “Our intention is that our business continues to thrive and that you don’t limit yourself in some way.”

“We love Tina Turner. We admire her entire path and understand that our work does not conflict with the interests of Tina Turner,” says Mariotto, interrupted by his laughter.

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The musical about Turner’s life continued until the pandemic knocked the door and Broadway closed. The show should resume showings in July in the Netherlands and October in New York. There are plans to perform in Germany, Spain and the UK.

According to Mariotto, the registration is a matter of legal security, to ensure that the name “A Vida de Tina”, already known on the Internet, is used by them and not by any online adventurer. “But we’re not thinking of launching a clothing brand. It’s just a safety issue,” he says.

The report contacted Veirano Advogados, who is representing Tina Turner in the case, but she did not get a response until this text was published.