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Mulher de ex-BBB reclama do salário de empregadas domésticas nos EUA

BBB’s ex-wife complains about the wages of American maids

Adriana Sant’Anna posted on Instagram looking for a professional who “cleans, washes, irons, stores, cooks and watches the kids”

On Wednesday (23), netizen Adriana Sant’Anna sparked controversy by complaining about the amount charged by a domestic worker in the United States, where she currently lives with her ex-husband BBB Rodrigão. In the record, posted by Instagram Stories, the Brazilian also asks for recommendations from a professional who “cleans, washes, irons, stores, cooks and monitors children”.

“Guys, please, find someone to work here at home, do everything. I beg you, refer someone here in Florida, USA. We pay very well. I just need to clean, wash, iron, store, cook watch Kids when I need it. I can’t stand this life of washing things anymore. It’s too dangerous. It’s taking my sleep, I’m praying, I’m praying, my friends. Everyone’s looking for someone for me and they’re not there,” Adriana wrote.

“The guys here like to work in different places and work by the hour, but I want someone who stays here all the time, does everything for me and I don’t think so. I need to work, I can’t do these things, which is washing clothes, ironing, tidying, organizing, picking Children’s mess. It’s worse if everyone is like this. There are no people…”.

She explained that maids in the United States charge $25 an hour to do a job, and that the reality in Brazil was different.

“Take advantage and make a reservation, we’re done in Brazil. Because one person does it all. Here, to spend $25 an extra hour, to double your $25. Oh, so hook up here, ten more bucks. And then. So, if you have someone In Brazil, he knelt and thanked Jesus because here in Brazil it is different,” he concluded.

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