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This is what happens when you spit.

This is what happens when you spit.

One of my favorites in the title Eurocop, a Dutch Goodbye championship on Sunday (27). The orange team kicked out De Ligt, and watch Czech Republic win 2-0 And he went home early. The former player was the target of Spanish provocations.

That’s because, last Monday (21), before the dispute over the Round of 16, Rafael van der Vaart, who has played three European Cups for the Netherlands, blew up the Spanish team, saying the ones led by Luis Enrique were appalling.

“a Spain Appalling, horrific. I hope we can play against them. There is nothing on this team. “The only thing they do is pass the ball from side to side, and they don’t have a player who knows how to make a final pass,” the former midfielder said.

The response came on Sunday after the Netherlands were eliminated. Spanish newspaper Brand Van der Vaart did not forgive.

“In Spanish, there is a saying that says ‘whatever the sky is, it falls in its face’. It is a saying that is fulfilled in football almost every day. That is why it is so strange that a guy like Rafael van der Vaart would say what I said about Spain a week ago” .

“Now it’s time for the small calculus. The Netherlands are knocked out of the European Cup and eliminated, at the hands of the Czech Republic, imposed the rule. Spain can wet their ears tomorrow, what is clear is that Rafa will have to wait less than a year to fulfill his desire to face Spain.. to the cave! “

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Now, the Czech Republic will reach the quarter-finals and will face Denmark, Saturday (3), at the Baku Olympic Stadium, Azerbaijan, at 1 pm.