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Simeone reveals what he hates about football and what made him not praise Klopp: 'Not in good health'

Simeone reveals what he hates about football and what made him not praise Klopp: ‘Not in good health’

Siomeone revealed that he doesn’t like greeting the opposing team after the match because he doesn’t think it’s ‘healthy’

After Atletico Madrid lost 3-2 to Liverpooldeserves a penalty kick disallowed by the VAR in the last minutes, Tuesday (19), for the third round of the group stage of the Champions LeagueDiego Simeone refused to congratulate Jurgen Klopp, the opponent coach.

Manchester United x Liverpool Next Sunday (24), 12:30 PM (GMT) will be Live and exclusive broadcast NS stars + subscribers. or a duel between Atletico Madrid x Real Sociedad, on the same day, 4 p.m., will also be on the agenda ESPN No Star +.

Colchonero’s coach confirmed, however, that he had no intention of causing controversy and explained why he did not speak to the German captain after the match.

I don’t always greet after a game because I don’t like it. It is not healthy for a winner or a loser. I think this way. But now, when I see him, I’ll say hi, no problem,” he said at a press conference.

Klopp in turn when asked about the situation, So chatting with reporters.

Atletico Madrid and Liverpool face each other again in the fourth round of the competition, on November 3, at Anfield, where Atleti was the tormentor of the English club in the round of 16 of the season before last, when the Reds defended their title. The competition.

Liverpool leads Group B with nine points, while the Spanish team is in second place with four points. NS Porto It appears in third place, with 4. Milan, still without registration, is the main lantern.

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