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The visa for Brazilians in Mexico will revert to the electronic visa

The visa for Brazilians in Mexico will revert to the electronic visa

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This action was announced by the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Itamaraty

Brazilians will be able to enter Mexico with an electronic visa. Measurement was just Posted by ItamaratyBrazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but there is still no date for it. will deserve from “The Next Months”. For now, the process remains the same: a physical visa is still required, a visa from the US and Canada and/or a passport from other countries.

condition Visa for Brazilians to enter Mexico It came back into effect in August 2022, affecting tourism in the North American country, as Brazil is one of the main overseas markets for visitors to Mexican destinations.

However, the visa issuance process has since stalled, though United States visa accepted in Mexico. In the past, the process of issuing a visa to Mexico was electronic.

Reciprocity for Mexicans to enter Brazil does not yet exist. This means that starting from the next few months, when the electronic process is implemented, Mexican citizens will need permission to enter Brazil.

Read Itamaraty’s statement on e-Visa to Mexico in full:

In the context of closer and stronger bilateral relations between Brazil and Mexico, the two governments are exploring the implementation of new measures that will facilitate safe, orderly and regular travel and movement of their citizens between the two countries.

In this sense, and after the agreements signed within the framework of the Brazilian-Mexican Bilateral Commission, which took place during the recent visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, Mauro Vieira, to Mexico, and the recent contact between him and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Alicia Barcina Ibarra, the two countries agreed to establish a reciprocal system of electronic visas in the coming months.

Without losing sight of the common objective of the gradual resumption of the Visa Waiver Agreement between Brazil and Mexico, the joint adoption of e-Visas will allow Brazilian and Mexican citizens to request a visit visa for tourism and business purposes in both countries quickly, safely and without the need to travel to consular offices..

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